Review: Kyocera Julienne Slicer

Kyocera’s Least Inspiring Hand-Held Slicer Summary

We felt that as a single-purpose tool, the Kyocera was not adequately designed for the task in mind. This model shares the same plastic frame and hand guard with Kyocera’s two hand held slicers. For Julienning, the frame seemed too small and lightweight: the hand guard–essential for julienning–was often […]

Review: Kyocera Double Edged Mandoline Slicer

Quick and Effective Special Purpose Slicer Summary

The Kyocera Double Edge Mandoline Slicer makes clean 2mm slices of fruits and vegetables like cucumber, fennel, and zucchini, and its double-sided blade works twice as fast as conventional (single-edged) mandolines. At $20, this Kyocera will likely be appreciated by those who prepare lots of salads with thinly […]

Review: Borner V-Slicer Pro Mandoline

A Mostly Successful Update of the V-Slicer Plus Summary

The Borner V-Slicer Pro Mandoline is intended as an upgrade to the popular V-Slicer Plus model. In many respects it is just that: the Pro offers 3 thickness settings (the Plus has 2), a more rational storage system, and performs an impressive dice without the […]

Review: Super Benriner Mandoline

Six Degrees of Separation Summary

When we received the Super Benriner Mandoline our initial impression was that it was simply a larger version of the smaller (usually green) Benriner, a potentially valuable upgrade considering that the narrow cutting deck of the smaller Benriner can be a limitation. We found that, indeed, the wide cutting of […]

Review: OXO Hand Held Mandoline Slicer

User-Friendly Design, but Produced Uneven Results Summary

OXO’s entry into this category is clearly the most user-friendly of the hand held slicers currently available, giving users the ability to make quick changes in depth by clicking a side-mounted switch. It also boasts copious amounts of rubberized surface, contributing to a secure grip. In contrast […]

Review: Microplane Adjustable Slicer

Excellent Performer with Minor Usability Caveats Summary

The Microplane performed flawlessly on all of our tests, including lemons and tomatoes which give many similar devices trouble. However, we disliked the unit’s depth adjustment wheel, which did not rotate smoothly, and made the Microplane harder to clean up. We also felt that the model’s large size […]

Review: de Buyer Kobra Adjustable Slicer

An Effective Slicer: Serrated Blade Mars Some Produce Summary

At nearly $60 the de Buyer is the most expensive hand-held slicer we have tested to date. The model is definitely well-constructed and has a sharp, serrated blade capable of slicing through all kinds of fruits and vegetables with ease. However, the serrated teeth leave […]

Review: OXO V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

User-Friendly and Feature Rich, but an Uneven Performer Summary

Like OXO’s more expensive straight-bladed mandoline, the V-blade model is enticing at first glance. This version features a user-friendly control knob and boasts the ability to slice, julienne, as well as create decorative crinkle cuts. Unfortunately, we found that the blade was not as effective in […]

Review: Benriner Mandoline

A Great Performer for Under $25, but “Watch Your Fingers” Summary

The Benriner design has been around for a long time, long before the mandoline was marketed to and designed for the average home cook. Its lack of safety features and user-friendly adjustability attest to this fact. However, the Benriner is a superb slicer capable […]

Review: OXO Good Grips Mandoline Slicer

Ingenious Design Hampered by Ineffective Blade Summary

The OXO Good Grips Mandoline Slicer looks great on paper, and impresses with its solid build quality. The clever design of the OXO enables the user to slice, julienne, or create decorative waffle and crinkle cuts in seconds. Unfortunately, the OXO didn’t do any of these very well […]