Review: Magimix 4200XL 14-cup Food Processor

Our review of the Magimix 4200XL 14-cup food processor is now available.

Top Notch Performance at a Price Summary

The Magimix performed extremely well in almost all of our tests and comes with a generous array of accessories. The only processor still made in France, the 4200XL supplied plenty of power and is backed by […]

Review: Viking 12-cup Food Processor (VFP12)

Our review of the Viking 12-cup Food Processor is now available.

Premium Build and Price, Average Performance Summary

The Viking 12 cup food processor certainly looks professional, with its heavy die cast base and metal-handled polycarbonate work bowl. It boasts several attractive features such as reversible slicing/shredding discs and is very easy to clean. However, […]

Review: Cuisinart Custom-14 Food Processor (DFP-14)

Our full review of the Cuisinart Custom-14 food processor is now available.

Summary Excellent Blade and Dough Performance for under $200

The Cuisinart Custom aced blade-related tasks like chopping and pureeing, and excelled at making doughs in its capacious 14-cup work bowl. It is somewhat of a bare-bones system, however, lacking the mini-bowls that most […]

Review: Kitchen Aid 12-cup Food Processor (KFP760, KFP770)

Our review of the Kitchen Aid 12-cup food processor with wide mouth feed tube is now available.

Summary A Fully Featured, Solid Performer for Under $200

The KitchenAid KFP760 comes with a generous array of components and performed very well in most of our tests. Available for under $200, we believe it offers many users […]

Review: Cuisinart Elite Die Cast Food Processor

Summary The Food Processor… Reinvented

This thoroughly redesigned Cuisinart delivers on nearly all levels. An innovative “Seal Tight” 3 bowl system provides leak-free performance: reversible shredding and adjustable slicing discs greatly expand capability while shrinking clutter. This model offers ample processing power and its new feed tube is a definite improvement over the last generation. […]