Review: Cuisinart Elite Die Cast Food Processor

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The Food Processor… Reinvented

This thoroughly redesigned Cuisinart delivers on nearly all levels.  An innovative “Seal Tight” 3 bowl system provides leak-free performance: reversible shredding and adjustable slicing discs greatly expand capability while shrinking clutter.  This model offers ample processing power and its new feed tube is a definite improvement over the last generation.  The $300 price tag is high, but we believe that its excellent performance and revolutionary ergonomics make the Cuisinart the best choice currently on the market.

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  • Mike F.

    I purchased one of these beauties and the only thing that has me concerned is that water gets into the handle of the work bowl and in between the seal and the top of the lid through the slots when cleaning. No way to avoid it. Whatever water remains trapped inside, can not be dried, it has to air dry. I’m worried about it leaving a foul odor after awhile. Any comments?

  • Rushan

    First thanks for great review articles. I came across your site from a chowhound comment.

    We are considering purchasing the Cuisinart Elite 16-cup FP, after line to line comparision with the Magimix 4200XL. We realize the decision boils down to the availability of julienne disk in Magimix and the seal for Cuisinart. There is no possibility to purchase an optional seal for Magimix(due to its domed lid construction). However, are you aware of any julienne disk available to the Cuisinart 16 cup? We found julienne disk for the 20-cup model and for the 11/7 cup model, but nothing for 14 or 16 cup on the site. In general, we are also a bit concerned about the availability of spare parts since William-Sonoma is the only store carrying the model but we really like the large capacity and wish the accessory/parts availability could make the purchasing decision easier.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • admin

    Hi Rushan,

    I’m not sure I would let the availability of a julienne disc drive your decision. Your question reminds me that we need to do a (planned) comparison of julienned potato and carrot made by 1) knife, 2) mandoline, and 3) food processor. While we rated the Magimix “excellent”, we should include language to the effect of “excellent for a food processor.” Compared to the other two methods, julienning in a food processor takes more time to prep (it is necessary to slice food so it fits within the feed tube) and the finished product will be inferior in quality (more moisture released and cut surfaces not as clean). You are also limited to one thickness.

    We much prefer julienning potatoes on a mandoline, like the Borner, which produces exceptional results that exceed those obtained with a knife (unless you have truly professional knife skills). Setting up and cleaning up are both easy and the whole process is quite a bit of fun. When it comes to carrots, we urge you to learn how to do this by hand. Both food processors and mandolines will leave you with a fair amount of unprocessed ‘waste’, which will need to be either thrown out, or else cut with a knife anyway.

    The sealed lid on the Cuisinart Elite is currently a feature unique to that model. As we mention in our review, it helps provide much better liquid handling and enables the use of bowls in succession without the need (in most cases) for cleaning in between, great for occasions when you have several tasks to perform back-to-back. The downside to this lid is that the ridged rubber gasket can be difficult to clean after processing certain foods. If you are a “power user” who uses the processor for lots of things, this may be a necessary trade-off, but if you tend to use it for a single operation, you may have a more unforgiving view. We hope that the concept of this lid is emulated by other manufacturers and possibly improved on (to address the cleaning issue) by Cuisinart.

    At this point I would not be overly concerned about the availability of parts. Cuisinart has clearly made a huge investment in this line. Williams Sonoma does an outstanding job of supporting the products they sell.

    Will Marden

  • Maria

    Thank you for the review it really helps me out a great deal in making my decision as to which Cuisinart Food Processor to purchase.

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