Review: Kitchen Aid 12-cup Food Processor (KFP760, KFP770)

ka760intro1cropOur review of the Kitchen Aid 12-cup food processor with wide mouth feed tube is now available.

A Fully Featured, Solid Performer for Under $200

The KitchenAid KFP760 comes with a generous array of components and performed very well in most of our tests.  Available for under $200, we believe it offers many users an outstanding value. On the negative side, aside from some minor performance issues, our biggest problems with the model related to its design; notably poor liquid handling and some issues with its “Ultra Wide Mouth” feed tube.  We weren’t crazy about the one year parts warranty either.

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2 comments to Review: Kitchen Aid 12-cup Food Processor (KFP760, KFP770)

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    Dough…I’m unfamiliar with making pie and pizza dough. How would you expect the machine will perform with whole wheat dough (are pizza and pie dough similar)?

  • admin

    Hi Bennett,
    Pizza a pie dough are quite different in that pie dough incorporates chilled butter into the flour whereas pizza dough is a simple yeast dough. Neither is a particularly demanding task for a FP, and substituting wheat flour for all-purpose or bread flour won’t pose a problem. We haven’t tried this one yet, but I came across a recipe on King Arthur Flour’s site that features their White Whole Wheat Flour. We will surely give it a try, but let us know if you do first. Link:

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