Review: Magimix 4200XL 14-cup Food Processor

4200xlintro1crop1Our review of the Magimix 4200XL 14-cup food processor is now available.

Top Notch Performance at a Price

The Magimix performed extremely well in almost all of our tests and comes with a generous array of accessories.  The only processor still made in France, the 4200XL supplied plenty of power and is backed by a great warranty.  We liked the convenience of its wide-mouth feed tube.  On the negative side, in addition to its high price, we found that the unit was fairly difficult to clean and had limited liquid handling capability.

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11 comments to Review: Magimix 4200XL 14-cup Food Processor

  • Melissa Ong

    In our case we’ve been disappointed with the Magimix as a pastry mixer. On the two occasions we’ve tried the Magimix pastry recipe the dough blade collar has been stripped an jammed onto the drive shaft. Magimix have been polite in answering our problem enquiries, but unable to offer any reason for our failures, except to say that our drive shaft is probably damaged an needs replacement. This isn’t what we wanted to here as the machine is brand new and only been used about 20 times.

  • admin

    Hi Melissa,
    Which pastry recipe created this problem? Were you using the plastic dough blade or the steel multi-purpose blade? We would recommend always using the steel blade with pastry doughs that incorporate lots of butter. Pastry dough should pose absolutely no challenge to a good food processor like the Magimix, and your model may have had a mechanical flaw. Might you have a picture of the damaged shaft you could share with us?

    I wouldn’t hesitate to send your model back to the retailer where you purchased it. Williams Sonoma is incredibly good in backing up the products they sell.

    Will Marden

  • gad

    we just got our magimix 4200xl at williams sonoma.
    What strike me odd was that when i’m trying to fit the plastic piece that pushes food down the tube, it’s a very hard fit. In my previous kitchen-aid, the piece just fit easily so i could use one hand to push it down, here the feel is very uneasy. I wonder if it’s a defect or this is how the machine is built.

  • admin

    I presume you are speaking of the large feed tube? Most newer machines that feature ‘wide mouth’ feed tubes have a safety mechanism to prevent the unit from operating unless the large feed tube is partially depressed. Is it possible that the resistance you feel is the feed tube pressing down on the safety release switch? On the Magimix the switch is released once the outer feed tube is depressed past the “MAX FILL” line on the lid assembly. Once the pusher passes this point, the resistance you feel should diminish noticeably. Having said this, it shouldn’t require a great amount of pressure to depress the pusher, so if it does you may wish to get in touch with WS for a replacement.

    The inner feed tube has no such safety mechanism, so this should slide in easily, allowing you to process like you did with your older Kitchen Aid.

    Will Marden

  • gad

    Wow, thanks for the quick and detailed response!
    Yes, it is the safety mechanism, but i felt that it will be pretty hard to use the large feed tube with one hand (the small one has no problems). I might go to WS to check out the floor model to see if the resistance i see is just the standard or is my uint a little rough.


  • Dan Packman

    I just got a 4200XL and am quite pleased with its performance relative to a 30 year old Cuisinart that it has replaced. The one difficulty I had in clean up was in the pusher tube where some food got stuck between the inner graduated tube and the outer part. On page two of the review here it shows these two parts separated, but they came assembled as a unit in the box. Are these supposed to be capable of regular separation for cleaning? If so, how does one do this?

  • admin

    Hi Dan,
    Yes, the inner graduated tube should come out of the large pusher fairly easily (we have found that it gets easier with increased use). All you need to do is grip the inner pusher by its rim and pull upwards. Initially, you may have to hold the large pusher down with the other hand, but with time it should slide out easily and you can perform this operation using just one hand.

  • Kathy

    Hi. I just got the Magimix 4200XL Food Processor for Christmas from William Sonoma. It came with a DVD but I am unable to get it to play in my DVD player or computer, at home or work. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks, Kathy

  • Rushan

    Hi will,

    Thanks for your reply to my comment for the Cuisinart Elite 14-Cup model:
    In the end, we got the magimix model because (1) the store closest to us(William-Sonoma) carries the 16-cup Cuisinart model and it’s too tall to fit under our cabinet(this was a factor we overlooked before). (2) the store threw in a free bread pan accessory.

    I’m writing back to share our experience of using it for the past few weeks, in case it is helpful to other future/current magimix owners.

    First, one should try to get from a good and if possible local retailer. We managed to break the rotating shaft after 3 weeks and W-S replaced the whole set on the spot.
    Second, one should try to use as many disks/slicers/functions as possible within the store exchange period.
    Third, the julienne disk is not for everything. We tried to shred some innocent looking gruyere cheese for pizza, using the julienne disk, after finding the shredding disk yielded pieces too small. Guess what? This is too much torque for the shaft and the heat melted the plastic outer form that is used to lock the blades in place. In a way, the “transmission”(plastic) is no match for the “engine”(1000W) for plowing through cheese. The fact that we used the julienne disk didn’t help either. This disk slices in two dimensions so the friction is quite strong for something gooey like cheese. However, if one sticks with fruits and vegetables, you can get some pretty good results from daikon(white carrot like tuber) and zuccini. I wish Magimix would say that on the manual cause most people expect a french product to deal with cheese easily:-).

    Compared to the cuisinart, the lack of seal on the lid turned out not to a big problem. The domed lid of Magimix is shaped such that any excess content will be thrown against the lid and fell back in, when the machine is in operation. Most of the times when we have to clean the outer bowl without using it, it is because we dripped oil or spice while using the inner bowl.

    We do have one serious concern for Magimix, though we eventually learn to overcome it. At any time one needs to remember that the on/off switch is “mechanical”, make sure you always press the “off” button before doing anything with the machine. This is especially easy to forgot when you press the “on” button but failed to lock the lid properly for example, or even forgot to plug into the power. If you do not press the “off” button, when you do lock the lid or plug into the power, Magimix will start by itself without you press the “on” button again. I could think of many situations when this “quirk” became dangerous. Not sure if Cuisinart has the same issue, but I think Magimix should consider changing this so that “on” button cannot remain depressed unless the machine is operating.

    Lastly, we still occasionally use our old mini-prep for small batches. Even the small bowl could be a bit too big for some jobs(like making pesto).

    Happy cooking!

  • d.w

    hi, we just got out 4200xl model. its quite good, until the point i tried to use the big steel knife on chick-peas. the knife just elavated it self from the shaft and stopped rotating. its like the mesh underneath pushed it upwards. everytime, i had to open the lid and push the knife back in – finally i was so angry with it, that i held s spoon through the opening and like this held the knife in its place(very very dangerous – i would’nt recomend it), and finished the procedure. anyone have an idea how to make this steel knife heavier or maybe is there a part to use in order to place it properly ?

    tks d.w

  • Jaci

    Quick help! [Australia]
    I ordered a 4200XL; went to collect it to find it’s packed in a box that says “4200” on the box description, and on the machine pictured on the box! Then a large sticker is overlaid at the top right front corner of the box, with 4200XL, and words “extra large mouth” on it. A small silver sticker is also placed at the rear of the box next to the bar code, stating “4200XL” with new bar code.
    I’m scared! I fear I’m being given an old 4200 model, but with old lid replaced for the XL lid.

    As the true 4200XL also has the bowls advertised as being made of new stronger “plastic”, and there are supposed to be other functional improvements; I really want to be sure I’m receiving the new model [not an old model cosmetically upgraded]. How on earth can I tell? Is there anyway to tell? Apart from the wide mouth, the internet pictures look the same.

    I checked at a different store, and their XL boxes are the same. It’s really scary. I delayed collection until tomorrow so I can check more, but what if it’s the supplier for the stores that is passing off old stock?
    Is it old stock, or is the Magimix company really putting their new machines in old boxes? For such an expensive item I find this so hard to believe?? Please can anyone help/advise???

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