A Comparison of Julienned Carrots

We compared the results obtained when julienning carrots on several mandolines we were testing. The large photos below show how various models performed.

In the first photo, the relative thickness can be compared. From left are the OXO Mandoline, Borner V-Slicer, Benriner (medium blade), Kyocera Wide Julienne Slicer, OXO V-Blade, and finally the Benriner (fine blade). Note that the depth for Julienne cuts on the Benriner is adjustable, which makes it the user’s responsibility to fine tune depth if square sections are desired.


We regarded the Benriner (medium), Kyocera, and OXO V-Blade as a ‘standard’ julienne, measuring between 2 and 2.5mm on each side. The OXO mandoline and Borner produced a slightly thicker julienne which was closer 3mm on each side. The fine blade on the Benriner produced extremely thin strands which we measured at between 1 and 1.5mm (and could obviously not get straight).


The photo above gives another view of the same six carrots and reveals some of the differences in the texture of the cut. The real standout was the Borner; we found that the surface was clean and glassy and appeared like it had been cut by a knife. The Benriner and Kyocera had progressively rougher surfaces and were judged second and third. The two OXO mandolines produced the most jagged edges and were deemed least attractive.