Kitchen Aid 12 Cup Wide Mouth Food Processors (KFP760, KFP770)

ka760intro1cropGreat Features and Performance for under $200
At A Glance

Features & Ease of Use: 4/5

Disc Performance: 4/5

Blade Performance: 4.5/5

Build & Warranty: 4/5

Value: 4.5/5

Overall: Recommended

The KitchenAid KFP760 comes with a generous array of components and performed very well in most of our tests.  Available for under $200, we believe it offers many users an outstanding value. On the negative side, aside from some minor performance issues, our biggest problems with the model related to its design; notably poor liquid handling and some issues with its “Ultra Wide Mouth” feed tube.  We weren’t crazy about the one year parts warranty either.

Model Notes & Purchasing

Please help support our ability to produce these reviews by purchasing your food processor through one of our trusted affiliate retailers.  The KFP760 is available at Amazon, Sur La Table, or Chef’s Catalog.

While we tested the KFP760 (available in white, red, or black), the unit is virtually identical (and comes with the same accessories) to the KFP770 .  The only difference is the KFP770’s metallic base, a premium option which raises the price considerably (to over $250), making it much less of a good value.  The KFP770 is usually cheapest at Amazon, but is also available at Sur La Table, and is listed as an option under the KFP760 (link above) on the Chefs Catalog site.

The cheaper 12-cup KFP750 is also virtually identical in all important respects, save for its standard size feed tube and the fact that it does not include a medium chef’s bowl, an egg whisk, or a citrus juicer attachment.  We discuss the relative merits of the standard vs. wide mouth feed tube in the Features & Ease of Use section of the review and again in the conclusion.  The KFP750 comes in four colors (Chrome, White, Black and Red) and can be purchased at Amazon, or Chefs Catalog.


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