VFP12 Cheese Shredding

In reality, shredding cheese in a food processor really only makes sense for large quantities, due to the difficultly of cleaning up afterward.  For this test, we used a mere 8 0z of extra sharp cheddar cheese, which was placed in the freezer for 15 minutes to minimize ‘balling up’ on top of the disk.

vfp12cheese1cropWe found that it was fairly simple to load the standard size feed tube with the cheese, although it took two passes to complete the job.  Shredding cheese is likely the most demanding job for a food processor: the Viking required the user to press down fairly hard on the cheese in order to pass it through the disc.  After each pass, a large chunk of unprocessed cheese remained trapped between the lid and the disc; we attempted to re-feed this along with the second pass.

vpf12cheese2cropAt the completion of the test there was still a greater than average amount of unprocessed cheese.  For the most part, however, the texture was consistent and very fine, as can be seen below.