Cuisinart Elite Die-Cast Food Processor, 16-cup

16dcwsintrocropA Revolution in Food Processors?
At A Glance

Features & Ease of Use: 5/5

Disc Performance: 4.5/5

Blade Performance: 5/5

Build & Warranty: 5/5

Value: 4.5/5

Overall: Highly Recommended

This redesigned Cuisinart delivers on nearly all levels.  An innovative “Seal Tight” 3 bowl system provides leak-free performance: reversible shredding and adjustable slicing discs expand capability while shrinking clutter.  This model offers ample processing power and its Supreme Wide Mouth feed tube is a definite improvement over the last generation.  The $300 price tag is high, but we believe that the capabilities it offers and revolutionary ergonomics make the Cuisinart the best choice currently on the market.

Model Notes & Purchasing

Please help support this site by purchasing your food processor through one of our trusted affiliates.   The 16-cup model (bowl capacity 16, 13, and 4.5 cups) we tested is exclusive to Williams Sonoma (we have no relationship with Williams Sonoma), but two other models are more widely available:

  • 14-cup version: identical in all respects to the 16-cup model but slightly smaller (bowl capacity 14, 11, and 4.5 cups).  Available at Amazon, Sur la Table, and Chefs Catalog.
  • 12-cup version: smaller still (bowl capacity 12 and 4 cups) and lacks both the “Dough” feature of the larger models, as well as a medium work bowl.  Available at Amazon and Sur la Table.

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